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pick_yer_poison's Journal

Not another claim community
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The First Five Members recieve a whole four claims. Yes. Four.

The next Ten after that shall have three.

The twenty after that get two.

Once we have Thirty Five members the one claim rule goes into effect.

Please read the rules before joining, it makes things easier ^-^

1. Your claim can be made from any medium. This includes movies, music, anime, comics, people, possesions, etc.

2. If you claim something like a movie, expect that other people might claim an actor that was in it or a character from it. If you claim a band, then someone may claim one of their albums or songs. Unless myself or one of the moderators says that's not alright, you'll have to deal with it.

3. Only the appropriate number of claims per person. You cannot join on multiple accounts to make more claims.

4. One item may have multiple lj users claiming it if all users agree to share. If the users sharing the item get into a fight over full ownership you solve it yourselves; if you cannot work it out and pester the community you will be warned. Further warning equals a ban.

4a. If you are willing to share, you get an extra claim for being a good sport. Any other extra claims have to be earned by helping out in some way, or winning a contest.

5.No spamming or posting entries not related to the community.

6.No harrassing other members in any way in comments or posts in this community.

7.No pornagraphic or explicit images without first using lj-cut.

8. Post an entry in the community saying who you want to claim. Do NOT post a comment or a banner saying it before you post an entry. You must post an entry first.

9. You can claim people that are entirely fictional. [In other words. If you play a role playing game or wrote a story, you can claim a character that appears in it.]

10. Once you leave the community your item is up for grabs. You can't leave the community and rejoin so you can have something else either. If your journal is deleted you have up to ONE WEEK to reclaim your item. Once ONE WEEK is up your former item is up for grabs to anyone.

11. BEFORE POSTING YOUR CLAIM, POST WHAT NUMBER YOU ARE TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY. This is important because of the claim system I worked out.

Disobeying rules one time will result in a warning. Further warning results in being banned from posting in this community and your claimed item taken from you.
Simple, no?

This community created, owned, designed, and maintained by _arsenic_sweet_


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